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Sri Lankan Foodie Delights

On our Sri Lankan food tour experience local cuisine, so much a part of the island’s multicultural identity. Foodies get a chance to sample spicy street food, visit a lively fish market and learn the art of making traditional dishes.

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Fresh Fish Fiesta

Start your day by exploring the famed Negombo Fish Market, a veritable hubbub of activity. Fresh seafood in season is caught from the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean. Observe and learn about a variety of delicacies and local favourites of fish, tuna, prawns, crab and cuttlefish under the tutelage of our local guide and seafood expert.

Select your favourites and whisk it back to the hotel for a scrumptious afternoon BBQ. This is an interactive experience; so grab the opportunity for a hands-on session in cooking these treats. Our chefs will guide you. The market is under a 30 minute drive away from the hotel, and this activity lasts around 1.5 hours, excluding travel time.

Street Food Bonanza

Situated along Colombo’s seafront, the Galle Face Green is a seaside park which is popular with tourists and locals alike. Visit after sundown, for a rare opportunity to jump right into the local street food action. Venture to the row of hawker kiosks that line the horizon, and spot “Nana’s”; a famous street food haunt and your stop for the next two to three hours.

Observe how delicious local specialities are made, including the bestselling Isso Vadai; a crispy, snack-sized, gram flour cake, which is deep-fried and topped with a juicy prawn. Set up a mini-stall and try your hand at street cooking. Separate into teams and outdo your competition by selling the most to hungry passers-by.

Spice Identification

Since ancient times, Sri Lanka has been a key player in the world’s spice markets. Even today, Sri Lanka is the sole provider of the globally sought-after “true cinnamon” or Ceylon Cinnamon. Embark on a culinary adventure in Matale and challenge your senses. Learn to recognise a variety of famed spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, clove and cinchona by taste, smell and touch.

Enjoy a range of authentic local dishes prepared just for you using the spices that you have experienced. Then, separate into teams and put your newly learned skills to the test by guessing which spices are present in each dish. This activity is available in the mornings and afternoons and lasts around three hours.

A Traditional Cooking Class

Learn the art of making hoppers and other traditional dishes in the scenic rural setting of Wakwella Village in Galle; a picturesque landscape filled with paddy fields. Whip up a satisfying Sri Lankan meal in a village-style kitchen, with the help of a lady of the community. Once you are done preparing the meal, help yourself to the piping hot dishes fresh off the hearth.
Let the zesty and exotic flavours of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine excite your taste buds, as you bask in the glory of your accomplishment. The session lasts an hour and you can take it bright and early at 07:00am or in the evening at 04:00pm. If you have any special dietary requirements we will be happy to oblige you.

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