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Sri Lanka Beach Tour

Surrounded by the Indian ocean endless stretches of some of the world’s best sun kissed sandy beaches await you! Famous for our blue and sperm whales, have fun spotting them on a whale watching tour! For an adranaline rush how about some thrilling water sports activities? Then again, you may simply choose to relax on the beach during your beach holiday in Sri Lanka!

Stilt Fisherman

Want to try your hand at stilt fishing for a day in Ahangama? Located along Sri Lanka’s south coast, this seaside town is home to traditional fishermen who practice the art of stilt fishing; a dying skill. The fishermen alight onto their stilts during low tide and ensnare their prey during high tide. This is accomplished with the use of rudimentary, wooden fishing rods.

Observe the masters at work, and learn the fine art of balancing on the horizontal beams of the slender, wooden stilts. Once you have secured a seat on your lofty perch above the waves, compete to see who can claim the biggest catch at the end of the two-hour session. The best time for stilt fishing is in the morning.